Mission: Ocean

Merchant, Juliet

About the work

This piece for amateur string ensemble was written for the CoMA Midwinter Composers’ Course and was played there in January 2024. It is an excellent piece to work on listening to each other, tone, and coordination


From the composer:

“When I was younger, my initial musical influences came from video game and film soundtracks that I used to play with my siblings. I became a child who was constantly thinking about a grand adventure I will one day depart on, and even now as an adult that ambition still resides in me. I play out these dreams through my music and in this particular piece we are sailing across the ocean with abandon, weathering all of the storms that such an adventure can cost.

The piece is written for amateur string orchestra of mixed ability (approximately between grade 4-6). The piece starts quietly and serenely, indicating slow and easy sailing on a sunny day. The waters are calm before the wind starts to build up until bar 21 where a gliding and free-spirited melody enters and carries us at speed across the great shores. Then, the wind suddenly drops and the skies go dark, the atmosphere is eerily quiet until bar 56 brings us a growing, menacing repetitive scale that peaks at bar 61 and suddenly brings the piece into silence. However, after a quiet moment we realise that we’ve survived this storm and we carry on our journey in quiet waters again with our original melody in a slower and higher transposition.”


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score & parts


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String Ensemble
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