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Wigens, Jerry

About the work

The piece sets out to explore positive and negative themes, amongst which would be the alternating experience of joy and angst. The title, which could be interpreted in a number of ways, is deliberately ambiguous, and is itself intended to provoke a kind of guessing game as to whether it refers to something positive or something negative. The piece opens somewhat darkly, with parallel major seconds in the woodwind and climaxes in the 5/8 section with its sense of triumph by optimism over cynicism. The piece then takes on a more positive air with a less forced acknowledgement to the dark side. With its alternating woodwind lines, and sparse, strident guitar underpinning, the piece conveys alternating moods of tension and tranquillity culminating in a harmonious and happy ending.

Technical notes

Because of the relative dynamic contrasts between the instruments, it is necessary for the performers to make a special to ensure that an acceptable balance is achieved. Therefore, although the dynamic markings are reasonably consistent for all the parts, the guitar may need to be played louder than usual for the dynamic markings indicated and the woodwind somewhat softer to achieve the necessary balance.


score & parts

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3m 00s




ob, cl, gui


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