Perpetual Symmetry

Murfin, Michael

About the work

Time to take a musical journey. The instrument is the driver whilst the music is the engine. No matter how many times we return to our vehicle and no matter how much we push it, the engine will always respond to our demands in the same way that it always has. Here, each line of music represents certain parts of the engine, each slightly inferior and nondescript when left to stand on their own but all vital to the overall workings of the engine and, in this case, the music.

First Performance: CoMA ensemble, 1998 Contemporary Music festival, Oxford

Technical notes

Whilst playing this work the performer must first imagine that he is going on a journey. Where that journey will be will differ with every other player. But they must all remember that to get to his or her destination they will need to keep all their ‘parts’ in good working order. They will have to listen to their engine and compensate when required. That way everyone will get to their own destination.


score & parts

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15m 00s








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