Pressure Cooking

Burnell, Paul

About the work

This piece was produced for the Cornelius Cardew Ensemble workshop at the 1998 COMA Summer School. The main influence on the piece was the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force – an incrementing scale of wind speeds with evocative descriptions – and has meant that the piece has developed as one long crescendo. The title refers to the effect the earth’s population might be having on the planet’s atmosphere.

First Performance: Cornelius Cardew Ensemble, Aug 1998, concert at CoMA Summer School, Bretton Hall.

Technical notes

This is a work in progress – the ensemble will need to develop the piece. The copy in the library represents this work in progress, and not necessarily the finished piece. Cello and double bass could be used instead of guitar, and other treble instruments such as clarinet, oboe, or violin, could be substituted for flute and trumpet. The keyboard part could also be played by a string ensemble. Percussion required – side drum, cymbal.


Call for Pieces Entry: Cornelius Cardew Ens, CoMA Summer School 98


score & parts

Sorry, Not Available


4m 00s




Voices and Instruments


voice, perc, bgui/vc/db, fl, tpt, kbd


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