reaching an acceptable and stable solution

Saunders, James

About the work

reaching an acceptable and stable solution creates a situation in which players must balance the use of a shared resource in order to make a specified sequence of different sounds while helping others do the same. The requirement is made harder by having more players and/or fewer objects, such that in some situations it might not be possible to complete. The piece continues my interest in collaborative decision making and consensus forming as a way to organise music.


The title comes from Garrett Hardin’s 1968 article ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’, in which he explores contexts where individuals draw on shared resources with no regard for others, leading to their depletion, with potentially catastrophic results.


It was first performed by Parkinson Saunders at Snape Maltings on 22 August 2018, and by Parkinson Saunders with Michael Duch at NonfigurativMusikk, Tønsber, Norway on 3 November 2018.


Duration: 10 minutes
Instrumentation: 10 objects, 3-10 players


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score & parts

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