Reality Preview

Newman, Chris

About the work

This piece, written in the 2nd half of 2010, is scored for solo piano and chamber orchestra, whereby it should immediately be added that the piano is responsible for the accompaniment and the chamber orchestra the melody. For this piece takes the form of 5 songs taken from a well-known source which have had a solid-state transformational technique applied to them, to reposition them vis-a-vis themselves so that they sound familiar and foreign simultaneously; they’ve been “shifted” from their source. It is as if the perameters have been freed from each other’s fetters, the elements of pitch and rhythm perform the role of themselves without touching each other’s sides. Reality Preview was written for Tania Chen and CoMA London. First

performance: St. Leonard’s Church Shoreditch, on 20th March 2012


Written for Tania Chen and CoMA London Ensemble


This work is available as a digital download. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download PDF files and a licence that will entitle you to legally print copies of the sheet music. Nothing will be posted to you. For more information see our terms and conditions page.


score & parts


Sample score



10m 11s




Flexible Ensemble with Solo Instrument


Solo piano, any melody instruments all playing in unison
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