Rechaer: ‘The Last Fruits’

Harding, Hollie

About the work

First Performance: CoMA Summer School small ensembles concert 2007

Technical notes

The performers should sit in two semi-circles facing each other, Group One – the quieter instruments should sit on the left and Group Two – the louder instruments on the right, this will give a panning effect. All the performers should be able to see the percussionist who will sit in the centre of the circle; this will make the transition sections clearer.

The general dynamic is very soft. Play the phrases in any order ad lib. The first note should be held for c.10″, melodic movement should then increase. Players should mimic the timbre of the other instruments in their group. Each phrase should be played at a slightly faster tempo to the previous one.


score & parts

Sorry, Not Available


6m 00s




Flexible Ensemble


Group one: quieter instruments, 4 lines Group two: louder instruments, 4 lines Percussion: eg shaker, wood blocks and high hat


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