Rhythmical Study – abstract construction

Harrex, Patrick

About the work

“Abstract is a term often used in art to describe artworks that may appear to be without a recognisable subject. It can refer to artworks that use forms that have no source at all in external reality. Or to forms that are ‘abstracted’ from the real world – based on subject matter found in reality but reduced in shape, line and colour to their simplest forms.”

Introduction to Abstraction (Tate Liverpool 2007)

My study provides the performers with basic cells to use as building blocks – hence the title, which also deliberately alludes to works by Paul Klee as well as to the approach and techniques of abstract artists generally.

Technical notes

All players work from the score.


Call for Pieces, Tate Liverpool 2002


score & parts

Sorry, Not Available




Flexible Ensemble


4 or more performers, including high and low instruments and as many transposing instruments as possible.


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