solutions must be sought which everyone can accept

Saunders, James

About the work

In solutions must be sought which everyone can accept, a large group of players continually form new sub-groups until a stable situation has been found. Players decide whether to move to a new sub-group or remain in their current sub-group with the aim of helping achieve consensus. The nature of such a state is negotiated non-verbally by the players as a group based on the implications of individuals’ actions. Players may utilise a range of strategies, causing the group to find different forms of balance amongst moments of disruption.The title comes from a 1945 text by Dutch educator Kees Boeke in which he defines sociocracy as ‘a real community-democracy, an organisation of the community by the community itself.’ The piece tests how a group of musicians might find a way to organise themselves without explicit must be sought which everyone can accept was commissioned by Netzwerk Neue Musik through the ad libitum prize. It was first performed by the Jugendblasorchester Musikschule Heidenheim on 1 July 2018 at Lokschuppen, Heidenheim.


Duration: at least 8 minutes

Instrumentation: at least 40 players playing any pitched instruments


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score & parts

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8m 00s




Flexible Ensemble
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