Ta Pum Oratorio

Fensi, Davide

About the work

Originally “Tapum!” is a song written by the Italian soldier Ardito Nino Piccinelli from Chiari, during the First World War. The title resembles the sound of the rifle Mennlicher M95, used by Austrian marksmen. First was heard the sound of the arrival of the bullet, “TA”, and later the sound of the detonation, “PUM”. Apparently too, accordingly with Ardito’s letters, this song had been sung in the trenches just before going out for the attack. The piece is in three parts, willing to paint this action emotionally. There are several versions of the text, this version being the one used by S.A.T. Choir and Alpins, in the arrangment of Maestro Marcello Tiberi. Every verse has a particuar feeling that affects each movement of the composition. DF


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score & parts


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Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard
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