Aird, Andrew

About the work

Tango 78 came to me when I was thinking about my time in South America a few decades ago; a simple night-time tango domestico wafting through the windows to a full on carnival street band, sometimes snatches of several at once. But memory alters perception and when I tried to write it all down it all came slighty distorted with half  a beat missing in each bar. Hence the 7/8, not quite the full 4 beats you’d hope for to dance a Tango…

For flexible 4 part ensemble, drum kit/percussion and optional keyboard/piano


Top line: A3 – A5; Parts in C and Bb – suitable for violin, viola, clarinet, sop. sax., trumpet, clarinet, oboe, flute, piccolo etc.

Alto line: F#3 – G5; Parts in C, Bb and Eb – suitable for viola, clarinet, alto sax., trumpet, horn

Tenor line: E3 – D5; Parts in C and Bb – suitable for viola, cello, bassoon, clarinet, tenor sax, trombone, euphonium

Bass line: E2 (A1 optional) – C4; Parts in C and Bb – suitable for double-bass, cello, bassoon, trombone, bass clarinet, tuba, electric bass

Piano part with cue line and chord symbols: (optional but recommended): could be played on piano or keyboard 2 or 4 hands, accordion

Drum kit/Percussion: could be played on kit or divided among multiple players; bass drum, snare, 2 toms min., woodblock, cowbell, hi-hat, crash cymbals. Tambourines, whistles, guiro etc. could be added ad lib.


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score & parts


Sample score



3m 33s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard
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