The Lake in the Ocean

Meites, Noah

About the work

The Lake in the Ocean is adapted from a choral pIece written in 2009 which set a text by the Los Angeles-based poet Jeremy Schmidt:

From the Turnpike going south to Baltimore,

the planes perfectly aligned

for spaced arrivals on Long Island

are the tips of very tall street lights.

Once you pretended the lights of the buildings below

meant we were arriving among stars

We settled through the clouds, landing,

and the ground did not give.

For this CoMA version, the original text is removed to create an instrumental-only rendition. The result is a king of ‘wordless chorus’ in which Schmidt’s poem is still very present in the piece’s rhythmic, melodic and formal structures. A new prelude introduces the predominant harmonic material of the piece through a series of overlapping transpositions of the same four note chord.


Call for Open Score Pieces, SS 2013


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score & parts


Sample score



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Flexible Ensemble


4 parts
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