Things to do

Saunders, James

About the work

things to do (2014-20) is an ongoing series of pieces which use a set of instructions in different categories (such as noises, pitches, devices and processes) to cue players. Players respond to instructions by realizing the defined actions as soon as possible after they are spoken. The differences in each piece, and the relationships between the players, are determined by constraints which govern who each player responds to and who gives instructions. It creates modes of interaction between individuals, allows group behaviours to emerge, and reveals the personal characteristics of each performer in an immediate way. Players may use any instruments, sound-producing objects, devices or sound processing equipment (digital, analogue, or acoustic), and performances are characterised by the wide range of personal choices brought together as a group.


you say what to do was commissioned by SPOR Festival and first performed by Mark Knoop & Serge Vuille with audience volunteers at Godsbanen, SPOR Festival, Åarhus, Denmark, 09.05.14. I tell you what to do was commissioned by Spitalfields Festival with funds provided by PRS Foundation and first performed by Stewart Lee with Magnitude Music at Village Underground, London, Spitalfields Festival, 16.06.14.


Duration: variable

Instruments: variable


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Flexible Ensemble
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