Through the Wild Rain

Vinao, Alejandro

About the work

This piece was originally written for a sextet of mallet instruments with piano. Mallet instruments such as vibraphones & marimbas lend themselves to a type of orchestration that is very different from what might be possible with other orchestral instruments. I have re-orchestrate the whole piece and re-written some passages into an open score format so that it may be performed by more conventional instruments. However, in an open score context it is difficult to predict how some of the rhythmic themes that feature in this composition may work together, since the colour of instruments interacting together can affect the perception of combined rhythms, specially when they are hocketed. For that reason, the conductor/music director should feel free to make considerable changes to the voicing and orchestration of this score according to the type of instruments and the number of players available for each part. It may be that a phrase is rhythmically too complex to be played by several performers in rhythmic unison. In that case the line should be played by just one player on an instruments that can clearly project the phrase over the rest of the ensemble. Other times the conductor may feel that a line/theme requires octave doublings in order to be heard through the texture. The opposite is also possible, requiring the removal of some of the octaves I have written. Even more radical changes may be necessary in places. The conductor may consult the score and recording of the original version of the piece if the intention and priorities of a passage are not completely clear in the present open score version of this work.

CoMA commission 2013


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score & parts


Sample score



7m 40s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard
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