Two Rooms

Wilson, Tom

About the work

This piece takes place in two rooms. At first they present two very different types of music. The initial bright piano/keyboard part in Room One seems at odds with the more ambiguous sounds coming from Room Two. As the piece goes on, however, the two strands begin to be coloured by the knowledge of each other. Although they never play together for long, they start to work for a common cause.

First Performance: CoMA Summer School 2006

Technical notes

The piece takes place in two rooms separated by a closed door. Room One contains a pianist/keyboard player who reads from part 4 in the score. Room Two contains three or more instrumentalists/singers reading from parts 1 – 3. The music in each room should be audible from the other room. The piece is designed to be played to an audience in Room One.


Call for Pieces Entry: Open Score Calls for Pieces 2006: Spaces and Place


score & parts

Sorry, Not Available




Voices and Instruments


Flexibly written in 4 parts, the fourth part for keyboard.


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