Ulster Fragments

Moore, Mel

About the work

This piece has been constructed from fragments of five different airs that originate from the province of Ulster. It must be stressed that the purpose of this piece is NOT to reproduce an air, this is merely the material which forms the material that the performers have at their disposal to create any style of piece they want within the parameters provided. The foundation of the piece is the role of the ‘cello, which starts the piece and plays a slow sustaining line throughout. The piano’s role is to take part in a ‘conversation’ with the ‘cello but also to be solo instrument. The director’s role is to shape the melodic material played by the other performers, indicating one of 5 ‘moods’ which the performers then use to play the fragments from that section.

First Performance: CoMA Summer School 2006


Call for Pieces Entry: Open Score 2006 call for pieces


score & parts

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0m 00s




Flexible Ensemble with Keyboard


4 parts, pf, solo vc


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