What to play and how to play it

Knighton, Simon

About the work

The initial intention behind this commission was to create fun and engaging methods of breaking down the traditional composer/performer relationship and more closely integrate performers into the creative process of music making.  After three very fun and fruitful workshops with CoMA Manchester, this game was the result.  After the initial performance (at the CoMA festival in March 2022) it became apparent that the game could work in numerous circumstances, and after much revision, the game was adapted into a learning resource intended for the classroom (as well as a concert piece).  The different levels of the game are designed to gradually introduce key musical concepts in a fun and engaging way: a teacher might produce lesson plans over multiple weeks for students to learn about each aspect and to confidently play the game.  Levels 1 and 2 introduce students to fundamental aspects of music in line with KS3 (these being pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure), whilst Level 3 introduces more advanced concepts (along with the necessity of independent study skills).

The game should be approached in a fun, easy going and unpressured manner.  It isn’t about delivering pristine performances or getting every answer correct: it is about trying things out, pushing your comfort zone, making mistakes, getting things wrong and generally seeing what interesting musical things can happen in randomised situation.


This work is available as a digital download. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download PDF files and a licence that will entitle you to legally print copies of the sheet music. Nothing will be posted to you. For more information see our terms and conditions page.


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