When she came misty through the morning

Read, Martin

About the work

when she came misty through the morning takes its title from a line of Philip Sealey’s poem road, about the destruction of the piece of land – once known as Twyford Down, to make part of the M3! and to Celtic tracks that are strung over lost Twyford Down like the threads of a ruptured loom, its damask cheek ripped by those who knew too well the price of things, who stripped the thin gauze from the grass green girl, when she came misty through the morning, and with a butcher’s knife split her swelling, chalk-white breast in two � Philip Sealey

Technical notes

The instruments are divided into nostalgic sounds, dark sounds, hard sounds and white noise. Some suggestions as to which instrument makes which sound are given by the composer. However, the ultimate decisions should be left to the discretion of the players.


score & parts

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