We are pleased to receive funding from PRS for Music Foundation for the production of a CoMA Partsong Book.

This publication will fill a major gap in the repertoire, a unique collection of outstanding contemporary partsongs offering fresh, exploratory, and experimental approaches to a vocal medium that is one of the most archetypal genres in Western music.

The collection offers non-conventional notation, unusual vocal techniques, speech, movement and auxiliary instrumentation, altogether a contemporary re-invention that is bold, highly original and, importantly, performable by mixed ability ensembles.  A repertoire to excite the most accomplished professionals, challenge the amateur and intrigue

The project aims to elevate the status of partsongs as an effective means of contemporary musical expression. The songbook, edited by artistic director James Weeks , together with associated recordings will serve to inspire and guide other composers to create works of this nature and thus establish an invigorating and relevant addition to the repertoire, open to a variety of ensembles. In brief, a songbook that will serve as a catalyst for an entirely new vocal scene to emerge.

This will be our second Open Score publication, following the launch of the series on March 2016 at the Festival of Contemporary Music for All. The first volume, an anthology of scores, is now available for purchase.

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