CoMA Glasgow Subscription by PayPal

Subscribe with PayPal

If you are not able to subscribe using our UK Direct Debit service via GoCardless, you can use PayPal which accepts payments internationally. Our subscription is monthly on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis. We would suggest  a minimum of £5 per month, but if you can pay more we would encourage you to pay it forward and support others who may not be in a position to pay.

Please select your preferred monthly rate below, and follow the instructions to complete the joining process. You will be asked to complete the payment setup via PayPal, and then be taken to a final form to complete your registration.

Amount per month:
£2  |  £3  |  £4  |  £5 (recommended)  |  £6  |  £8  |  £10  |  £12  |  £15  |  £17.50  |  £20

If you have any problems setting up your subscription, or would like to pay another amount per month, please email

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