Project #4 - Ether/Real

About Ether/Real

Ether/Real was our second fully-online project. A highlight of the project was ‘Buddha’ by Julius Eastman, a semi-graphic single-page score. Julius Eastman’s music, which had been lost for decades, was only recently rediscovered and has been growing in popularity with musicians since. Anton Lukoszevieze, cellist and director of Apartment House, became an advocate of his music in the UK: “I first performed Eastman’s music in 2016, which was a revelation for me, as the extant scores are rather fragmentary and incomplete. Some are even just transcriptions from archive recordings”. We are delighted that Anton Lukoszevieze was also able to join us to introduce the score.

We also explored the colourful score of ‘KRAGRAGA’ by our music director Rūta Vitkauskaitė, and delved into scores by Heidi von Gunden and Christian Wolff.

Graphics by Yannis Xenakis, that merge architecture and music, took us on a challenging journey of mathematics and precision. Finally, we explored a score written specifically for this project by our CoMA Glasgow composer Simon Hellewell, workshopped by the composer himself.

Alongside this, we also created our own collaborative graphic ‘chain’ postcards.

The project culminated in our online Christmas concert, Avantgarde Advent, which you can watch back below.

Watch Back

Avantgarde Advent

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