Online Premiere of ‘Habitat’

Photo by Ádám Szedlák ( under CC BY 2.0 licence

Event Details

Join us online via YouTube for a short presentation of a new project devised and created by CoMA Glasgow members. The project is a collaborative sound experiment, and is being launched as part of our contribution to Make Music Day UK.

The project’s facilitator, Katharina Plate, explains:

I am a member of CoMA Glasgow’s Open Score Club and have had different fascinating online projects with CoMA Glasgow. This brings me to the idea to work with my new online friends online!

I have experimented with short recordings before, and like to combine aspects from my everyday life. I also like collecting sounds from my surroundings. That gave me to the idea to ask this creative group for recordings from theirs own familiar habitats, and I received 38 – all of which I have included in the project.

First, I separated the sound from the pictures so I could play with the different sounds. The next step was to add the pictures to the sound composition and cut with the focus on the sound. Finally we re-edited sound and pictures together with a focus on the rhythm.

I have very much enjoyed being able to work with the recordings from people in such different places as New York, Scotland, England and Germany! The duration will be 4 minutes and we work on it several times within a period of a month.

Link to Watch

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