Open Score Club: Gardenscape

We are very pleased to invite you to take part at our next CoMA Glasgow event, which will take place at Tramway on Sunday 5th June 10.00-12.30am. This event is part of a wonderful large-scale multi-sensory exhibition, Human Treads, conceived as an accessible, creative experience informed by individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

We will run a workshop (10.00-11.30am), and then perform a concert (12.00-12.30pm) featuring Emily Doolittle’s piece Gardenscape. The score is a flexible look at imitating bird songs from across Scotland. We will be making bird-sounds, and creating our own soundscape, which will correspond with the sounds of the exhibition.

The workshop is open to all – bring your instrument and/or voice!

Free ticket reservations are available HERE.

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