Project #6 - StorySpace / Chains of Connection

About Chains of Connection

In collaboration with and devised by Sheena Phillips. Sit back and enjoy the chain of images and soundtracks that were inspired by each other and created and performed by project participants. In honour of World Singing Day, the sound content is predominantly vocal. Sheena is a composer and choir director based in London, working mostly with amateur singers (who she loves). She also sings with CoMA Singers and publishes sheet music for choirs.

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About StorySpace

In collaboration with and devised by Janet Oates for World Singing Day, we developed a unique and immersive online concert experience inspired by the myths and forces of our beautiful planet. This performance was co-composed by and is performed by the project participants, using an online platform High Fidelity which allows the audience to move around a virtual space and experience the spatiality of a physical performance.

Janet runs CoMA Singers in London (started about 7 years ago) and is on the board responsible for ensembles. She has taught at several summer schools: singing, devised opera and Partsongs. I co-edited (with James Weeks) a volume of Partsongs commissioned by CoMA. The second Volume, coming out next year, invites mainstream choirs to experience contemporary and experimental vocal music. Janet teaches at an adult college and conducts three choirs. She has a PhD in Music and sings lots of different things form early music, to contemporary and some close harmony.

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