CoMA Glasgow New Subscriber Information

Thank you for joining - what next?


We will be in touch

Now that you have joined, you will be first to hear about our new projects, and we will email you regularly with details on how to join our next Open Scores Club.


We will start taking your Direct Debit

If you have completed a Direct Debit form, we will take the first payment of your nominated subscription amount in the next few days, and every month around the same time until you cancel your subscription.

If you want to cancel your monthly subscription to CoMA Glasgow, you can simply cancel your Direct Debit with your bank. This can usually be done by your online or telephone banking service. Alternatively, you can email our treasurer ( and request that your Direct Debit is cancelled. Cancelling your Direct Debit by either method will automatically remove your from our member database and we will stop sending you details about our Open Scores Club. You are welcome to re-subscribe at any time, and join our other mailing lists to keep in touch.


Become a member of the CoMA nationwide organisation

We ask that all CoMA Glasgow subscribers also become a member of CoMA for £3/month (or as a Friend of CoMA if you are not based in Scotland). By also joining CoMA as a member, you are helping to contribute to the central running costs of the CoMA organisation, which provides the following benefits to CoMA Glasgow:

Click here to find out more about becoming a Member or Friend of CoMA

This is administered centrally by CoMA, and is not managed by the CoMA Glasgow ensemble.

Who can I contact if I need to?

You can email our committee via


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