Zagreus Projekt

The chef and gallery owner Ulrich Krauss organizes exhibitions with the overarching theme of food in the broadest sense and a consequent modification of gastronomic concepts.

Stephan Hüsch, artist and clarinetist with the KNM campus ensemble, has dedicated himself to the topic of food-music-art. This resulted in a very unusual project. Based on the book “School of Taste” by Jürgen Dollase, in which graphics explain how the different flavors of a dish develop in different intensities at different times, Stephan Hüsch has developed sculptures for three dishes. The KNM campus ensemble contributes the musical part and plays the starter, the main course and the dessert: three small pieces that the ensemble developed and composed together.

The audience is invited to eat and can experience the three-course menu visually, musically and tastefully.

The menu is embedded in the works “Climbing Frame” by Jonathan Harvey and “In C Interlude” by Michael Nyman. Tickets for the exhibition, the concert and the meal cost €30 (plus drinks). Tickets can be ordered from

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