Limerick New Music Ensemble

Formerly performing under the name CoMA Limerick.


Formerly performing under the name CoMA Limerick, Limerick New Music Ensemble relaunches as a composers’ collective, supported by the Belltable Hub in Limerick City. The launch, on Sunday 6 March is part of the 2022 Festival of Contemporary Music for All.

Founded by Fiona Linnane in 2008, and supported by Limerick Culture and Arts Office, CoMA Limerick was dedicated to playing music by living composers. They enjoyed residencies at the Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick and The Hunt Museum, Limerick and performed both locally and nationally, well attended by a diverse audience and helped to contribute to the cultural fabric of Limerick city. The ensemble were also successful in securing funding from Arts Council of Ireland, including for their Re:action project in 2011 (Music Project Award).

This year CoMA Limerick will enter a new, exciting phase in their development – relaunching as Limerick New Music Ensemble. Comprising of Fiona Linnane (conductor), Val Gunning (violin), Roisin McMullin (viola), Markus Kreuber (saxophone), Darren Murphy (guitar) and Aoife Chawke (piano) the emphasis will now be focused on their work as a composers’ collective. Limerick New Music Ensemble will be committed to exploring contemporary repertoire while developing their own works, composed by members of the group. Their ethos of making contemporary music accessible to audiences in Limerick City remains the same while their partnership with the CoMA network continues in this new era.

Limerick New Music Ensemble
Limerick New Music Ensemble


If you are a musician and would like to join the ensemble or would like CoMA New Music to perform at your event contact Fiona at

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