Importance of making space for creativity

A little reminder for us all to prioritise space for personal creativity. A while back, Contemporary Music for All (CoMA)’s wonderful Chair insisted that I allocate one day each month as my ‘Creative Day’ – a computer/email/spreadsheet free day, dedicated to freeing my mind and opening space for new ideas. I recently mentioned casually to my team how rubbish I’ve been at committing to these days, and they suggested taking turns in planning my day for me. This seemed like a great way of avoiding the planning of the creative day becoming another task on the endless list, and also in holding me accountable in actually doing it.

So yesterday I spent my morning trailing through some archives at the British Library and exploring Malorie Blackman’s beautiful storytelling exhibition, before heading to Japan House to see the fascinating Ainu exhibition and drink some very excellent matcha. I finished the day stumbling my way through my first contemporary dance class in 15 years!

What a total joy it was, and *spoiler alert*, i came back to my desk today with some nice (and helpful) realisations, a fresh idea (!) and a brain that felt a little lighter. No I didn’t manage to avoid emails all day, but there’s always next month!

Happy Creative Day to you All!
Tamara (CoMA CEO and Artistic Director)

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