International Women's Day 2024

Celebrating women composers whose work we're lucky enough to have featured in our catalogue.

Since CoMA’s inception in 1993, our catalogue of works has grown to include 100’s of open score pieces, flexible works and commissions from emerging to established composers. For International Women’s Day 2024, we are shining a spotlight on some of the fantastic women composers whose work we are lucky to have within the catalogue. 

Sylvia Lim

Sylvia was invited to contribute a new piece to the CoMA partsongs project, a ground-breaking collection of music for small groups of vocalists. Her composition ‘paper wings’ is “a piece about loss, forgetting, reconnecting and how our lives are fragile, like paper“. An intimate piece, inviting performers and audiences alike to listen closely and deeply, paper wings is characteristic of Sylvia’s beautiful music. 

On Sunday 17th March 2024, soprano and composer Heloise Werner will be leading an open participation session on paper wings at The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, Gateshead, as part of CoMA Festival 2024. Find out how to get involved here!

Read more about Sylvia & listen to her work here:

paper wings by Sylvia Lim, performance by CoMA Singers

Performance by CoMA Singers:

paper wings is part of the CoMA partsong book. Please contact if you would like to be updated on when the partsong book becomes available for purchase.


Atefeh Einali

Composer, improviser and santoor player Atefeh Einali first wrote for CoMA in 2022 as part of the nonclassical’s Associate Composer Scheme. Originally from Iran, now residing in Manchester, Atefeh’s work often explores themes of translocation and identity. Her CoMA commission ‘Departure’ is a dynamic example of this:

“After three years, I was finally able to return to my home country in October. During my flight from London to Tehran I felt a variety of emotions. At the same time I felt happy and sad, anxious and calm, disappointment and satisfaction. Therefore during my flight I drew the first sketch for this piece based on all of my opposing emotions.” (Atefeh on Departure)

Atefeh is a current PhD candidate at the University of Manchester. In her research on composition practice, she combines her musical traditions (Iranian classical repertoire) with Western contemporary composition studies, exploring cross-cultural improvisation and collaboration. Read more about Atefeh & listen to her work here:

Departure by Atefeh Einali

Commissioned in partnership with nonclassical AIR (formally Associate Composer Scheme)  2022

Score available here:

CoMA London performance:

CoMA Manchester performance 

Hannah Kendall

Long-time supporter and CoMA collaborator, Hannah Kendall is a composer from London and current Doctoral Fellow in composition at Columbia University. 

CoMA is very fortunate to feature a work from Hannah’s Tuxedo series in our catalogue. Bold and challenging both musically and in subject matter, Hannah’s Tuxedo Dustbowl #3 is “a meditative lamentation; a communal expression of grief, loss, displacement and despair; of being in the wilderness, the desert, a dust bowl, where all is dried up and destroyed. The harmonica, an instrument associated with Afro-diasporic sorrow, creates a brutal and harsh sound world symbolic of the plantations. It might seem that this does not allow for any hope, but the light comes through in other works in the Dust Bowl tryptic, or indeed the Tuxedo series more widely.” (HK)

Read more about Hannah & listen to her work here:

Tuxedo Dustbowl #3 by Hannah Kendall

CoMA 30th Anniversary Celebration performance:

Hannah’s scores available here:

Kate Whitley

Kate is a composer, pianist, and the co-founder and Artistic Director of The Multi-Story Orchestra.

Kate’s interests and ethos make her a natural collaborator for CoMA. On her piece, Three Movements for CoMA, commissioned for the Festival of Contemporary Music for All 2020, Kate commented “I’ve always loved writing for mixed ensembles and the challenge of making a piece for flexible instrumentation for me felt like really clarifying what was most important about the piece – what its central journey and shape was – whole then leaving it up to the ensemble playing it to decide what the textures and colours would be.”  

Read more about Kate & listen to her work here:

Three Movements for CoMA by Kate Whitley

Commissioned for the Festival of Contemporary Music for All 2020

2020 Festival performance: 

Score available here:

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