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CoMA has created a unique music catalogue of hundreds of contemporary works written for performance by amateur and youth ensembles. The primarily influence for developing the music catalogue has been the need for suitable repertoire; works that are high quality, uncompromising in their artistic intent yet technically within the grasp of non-professional musicians. Through 300+ commissions, composition courses and collaborative projects, CoMA has supported thousands of creators and produced a unique library of 800+ contemporary classical works.

At the core of CoMA’s music collection are CoMA’s Open Score works, which due to their flexibly scored nature, are suitable for ensembles of varying sizes and instrumentation. These works have an outstanding record of being re-performed by CoMA’s national network of ensembles, music hubs and professional ensembles, whilst also being readily performed abroad, through an expanding network of European ensembles developed by CoMA.

Many leading UK and international composers have written for CoMA including Judith Weir, Hannah Kendall, Diana Burrell, Philip Cashian, Donnacha Dennehy, Joanna Bailie, Oliver Leith, Jonathan Harvey, Stephen Montague, Per Norgard, Michael Nyman and Jennifer Walshe to name a few.

Open Score Repertoire

CoMA’s Open Score commission project was established in 2004 to generate new repertoire for amateur ensembles of varying size and instrumentation. Initially, a different artistic director was appointed each year to commission new works from some of the the most inspiring and innovative composers living or working in the UK, Ireland and Europe. CoMA now commissions open-score repertoire on an ongoing basis, via direct invitation and an ongoing call for submissions.

Learn more about our ongoing call for commissions here. 

Open Score Student Projects

CoMA works with UK conservatoires to provide training for composition students by giving them the opportunity to write for CoMA ensembles. Each partnership typically includes an open rehearsal for students to learn more about CoMA’s open-score approach, a workshop with of pieces in progress, and a performance of the completed pieces.

Many works written for CoMA as part of a student project have become core features of CoMA repertoire.

Previous partnerships have included:

Partsong Repertoire

CoMA’s Partsong project is committed to building a unique collection of outstanding contemporary vocal partsongs offering fresh, exploratory, and experimental approaches to the vocal repertoire.

The repertoire collection explores non-conventional notation and unusual vocal techniques, speech, movement and auxiliary instrumentation, aiming to build a vocal repertoire that is bold, highly original and, importantly, performable by mixed ability vocal ensembles.

The original Partsong songbook, edited by vocal specialist and composer James Weeks, together with associated recordings will serve to inspire and guide other composers to create works of this nature and thus establish an invigorating and relevant addition to the repertoire.

Our latest publication choral partsongs provides exciting repertoire for larger vocal groups.

Learn more about our ongoing call for commissions here. 

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