On Saturday 3 March, we launch our latest publication partsongs, a ground-breaking collection of music for small groups of vocalists, based on CoMA’s Open Score model. Each of the twelve pieces can be sung by almost any configuration of voices and all are suitable for amateur, student and professional singer alike, in classroom, workshop, concert hall – or even around the dining table. From densely-woven canons to Dadaist oral exams, delicate vocal soundscapes and deconstructed cocktail parties, this is a partsong book like no other, offering performers an extraordinary adventure through a fascinating and endlessly rewarding repertoire.

partsongs contains works by Sylvia Lim, Janet Oates, Kerry Andrew, Catherine Kontz, Michael Finnissy, Michael Pisaro, Cassandra Miller, Amber Priestley, James Saunders, Stephen Chase, Christopher Fox and the partsong project’s Artistic Director, James Weeks.

The book will be launched at Shoreditch Town Hall at 6pm on Saturday 3 March 2018 as part of the Festival of Contemporary Music for All. CoMA Singers, directed by Janet Oates, will perform a selection of the songs. This event is free, but you can also stay on for the concert that follows, which brings together CoMA amateur players with the London Sinfonietta to demonstrate the range of CoMA’s Open Score instrumental repertoire.

CoMA is grateful to PRS for Music Foundation for funding towards the cost of production and recordings for partsongs publication.

You can purchase partsongs here.

Watch videos of some of the partsongs.

Find out more about the CoMA partsong project.

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