© All logos provided here are copyright CoMA, 2015 or 2023

These logos are provided for the use of CoMA ensembles and partners for the promotion of events and activities that CoMA is involved with. The logos should be kept distinct from other graphical elements and should not be modified. For any other use, please contact marketing@coma.org.

30th anniverary logo

During 2023, CoMA’s 30th anniversary year, a special logo is available. This should be used for all events relating to the anniversary and all activities of CoMA ensembles. For other purposes the standard logo may be used.

The colour from the logo (C:57,M:0,Y:53,K:0 or R:102,G:204,B:153 or Pantone 346C) may be used in artwork accompanying the anniversary logo.

CoMA30 logo 300dpijpg
CoMA30 logo 72dpijpg
CoMA30 logo smalljpg
CoMA30 logo 300dpi black transparentpng
CoMA30 logo 300 dpi white transparentpng
CoMA30 logo 72dpi squarejpg
CoMA30 logo 72dpi monochrome

Standard logo

This standard logo is to used after 31/12/2023 for all activities and during 2023 whenever the 30th anniversary logo is not appropriate.

CoMA Logo 300 dpijpg
CoMA Logo 72dpijpg
CoMA logo smalljpg
CoMA logo 300dpi black transparentpng
CoMA logo 300dpi white transparentpng
CoMA logo 72dpi squarejpg
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