Connect the Dots:

Professional development scheme for music creators, teaching techniques in inclusive collaborative music making with disabled musicians.

About Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots: a series of workshops for composers & facilitators, teaching techniques in inclusive collaborative music making with disabled musicians. The workshops are facilitated by professional disabled musicians & practitioners of inclusive music groups.

In 2021, CoMA conducted its biennial survey and found 86% of composers surveyed claimed they have never worked with a disabled musician, and when individuals were approached to elaborate on why, the most common answer was “I don’t know how”. Through these workshops, CoMA aims to develop more opportunities, resources and understanding in collaborating with musicians who identify as disabled or would benefit from an alternative physical and/or mental approach to music-making.

The facilitators & their workshops

Sonic Bothy will deliver an online session sharing their practice in the sector and to highlight the process behind the creation of their award-winning work ‘Verbaaaaatim’ (BBC Tectonics 2021 Commission).

Clare Johnston, an experienced music technologist will present the iPad as an inclusive musical instrument and lead a practical workshop introducing the iPad app, Thumbjam.

Kate Risdon (flute) and Charlotte Bott (LinnStrument) from Bournemouth Symphony’s Disabled-Led Resound Ensemble will focus on what the LinnStrument can do, practical considerations when writing for Braille scores, plus learning and rehearsal processes for Visually Impaired musicians.

Artistic Director of National Open Youth Orchestra Doug Bott and composer Liam Taylor-West will focus on the practical applications and creative possibilities of ‘recomposing’ work for inclusive ensembles.

Composers will also attend a session with Soundbox, an all-ability inclusive music collective that brings together disabled and non-disabled musicians aged 11-25 run by Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service.

How to get involved

The next ‘Connect the Dots’ course will be delivered in early 2025. If you would like to be involved in future ‘Connect the Dots’ programmes, please register your interest by emailing 


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