Composition workshop

‘AYMs explore the world of contemporary repertoire and composition. Taking Tom Coult’s Four Perpetual Motions as a starting point, AYM will create a chamber ensemble to perform this work and be used as an instrumental tool for the composers to write for.

Composer challenge

Write a piece of between 5 and 7 minutes for eight instruments. This will be workshopped over the weekend and recorded. Be imaginative – come up with a way of your music ‘behaving’ that is as characterful as you can possibly make it. You might even divide your minutes up into movements in order to come up with highly contrasting miniatures.’

12 Aldeburgh Young Musicians will work alongside professional artists Tom Coult, Lillie Harris and Gregor Riddell to ‘workshop’ the compositions of three AYMs. The ensemble will also explore Coult’s Four Perpetual Motions, giving them an insight into the world of contemporary composition.

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