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The Festival in Eindhoven was called PEPER IN JE OOR and involved a wide range of events:

The adult allcomers ensemble, together with the ensembles of CoMA Eindhoven and CoMA Maastricht  rehearsed a new piece by Kate Whitley, composed specifically for the International Festival of Contemporary Music. The conductor was Arjan van Baest.

For Festival PEPER IN JE OOR composer Saskia Venegas wrote a new piece for the youth ensemble (up to 20 years). The ensemble was conducted by Txemi Etxebarria.

Conductor Jan Snel introduced singers to the startling possibilities of contemporary compositions. Among others, they rehearsed the piece by Kate Whitley in collaboration with the adults ensemble.

Marijk Greweldinger led two workshops for children age 5-8  and 8-12. The children experimented with sounds and timbres. They discovered how much fun it is to play an instrument, to sing and dance, and to make drawings inspired by contemporary music.

At the same time as the children’s workshops a listening course on contemporary music took place. Thea Derks gave an overview of music history from 1900 onwards.

Three professionals, experienced in performing contemporary music, showed a wide range of possibilities for instruments and voices Doris Hochscheidt (cello), Rogier de Pijper (flute) and Michaela Riener (voice) demonstrated that there are a lot more timbres and ways of playing/singing than you normally experience during your music lessons.

The day finished with a concert in the evening with performances from CoMA Maastricht and CoMA Eindhoven and showcasing the outputs of the days workshops and rehearsals.


CoMA Eindhoven, CoMA Maastricht

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