The Festival uniquely brings together students and staff of Bolton Music Services, Salford Youth Orchestra,  RNCM, University of Manchester music department and members of the RIOT ensemble within Manchester’s prestigious Cosmo Rodewald  Concert Hall.  It provides an essential focus for Bolton Music Services to introduce contemporary music to its young players and for them to have the opportunity to play alongside established and inspiring professional players.  On Sunday 8 March, the Festival programme features morning workshops by an allcomers  pro-am ensemble of Open Score works composed for the occasion by two RNCM and two University of Manchester composition students.  Conducting students from both institutions lead the workshops and premiere performances of all six pieces  in a lunchtime public concert.  Afternoon rehearsals with Music Hub players joining the allcomers ensemble of recent CoMA Open Score commissions lead to an evening concert featuring performances by the RIOT ensemble, Salford and Bolton Youth Orchestras and as a centrepiece and finale that brings everyone together for Stephen Montague’s transformative Chorale for the Cauldrons of Hell.

We are also using the Festival to relaunch CoMA Manchester, so do come along the allcomers day if you are interested in joining. All instruments and and abilities welcome.

Taking part

Want to take part in the workshops? The ensemble is open to singers and any instrumentalists of grade 4/5 and above. Students are free, Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.  Apply to


Bolton Music Services, RNCM, University of Manchester, RIOT Ensemble, Salford Youth Orchestra, House of Bedlam and CoMA Manchester

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