Flautissimo, The Southampton Flute Orchestras under the direction of Jo Price, were delighted to take part in this years CoMA performance. The concert was in the afternoon at Trinity Church, Totton. We presented a varied program including Single Yellow Line by Gareth McLearnon which demonstrated extended flute techniques and a very challenging piece by Wil Offermans called Kotekan. This piece was inspired by Gamelan music and required huge concentration as it was built on repetitive rhythms which required much counting.

We are lucky to have a composer in our midst, Lucinda Pillow, and included three of her pieces one of which, Into Spring was commissioned for and premiered at this concert.

Our training group, Piccolissimo performed two pieces from Oliver and we were also joined by the exceptionally talented Annabelle Duxbury on saxophone and Jocelyn Kwan on clarinet. They played compositions by Milhaud, Paul Read and Jeffry Wilson.

This year Flautissimo is supporting KeyChanges a Hampshire based music therapy charity and proceeds from this concert went to them. To demonstrate how powerful music therapy can be we were very delighted to invite the Colten Choir directed by Fiona Pritchard and made up of residents, carers and relatives from four of Colten Care’s Homes. They sang with much enthusiasm and great poignancy, the oldest choir member being over 100.

CoMA South ensemble rehearses in Southampton. Whilst they were not able to perform in this Festival, they always welcome new players on any instrument and of any ability. See their web page.



Flautissimo and The Colten Choir

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