Oxford CoMA workshop

Monday, 4th March 2024

Denis Arnold Hall, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DB. Starts 4:30 pm.

Oxford CoMA workshop

4.30pm - 6pm

Queer Open Score! An interactive lecture-workshop of LGBTQ+ contemporary music

From Julius Eastman’s Gay Guerilla (c.1979), to Pauline Oliveros’s “deep listening” (1988) and Michael Finnissy’s Molly-House (2004), the history of experimental music for flexible ensembles has historically been a site for radical queer aesthetics, both quiet and loud. This interactive lecture-workshop will explore the kinships between community organisations like CoMA and histories of queer experimental music-making, from the 1970s to the present day. The session will include an Oliveros sonic meditation led by professor of composition Jennifer Walshe, discussion led by composer Amy Bryce and musicologist George K. Haggett, and a workshop performance of Bryce’s Storyteller (2021). Participation is optional but warmly encouraged; bring an instrument if you would like to join in!

In collaboration with RETUNE festival.

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