Stephen Montague’s 80th birthday

Stephen Montague
Stephen Montague

CoMA has had a long standing relationship with American-born, British-based composer Stephen Montague. CoMA has previously commissioned two major works from him; Dark Sun – August 1945, about the dropping of the first atomic bombs and Chorale for the Cauldrons of Hell, inspired by a visit to the concentration camp at Auschwitz/Birkenau. In celebration of his 80th birthday, St John’s Smith Square are celebrating with two concerts, in partnership with Southbank Sinfonia. Stephen has kindly invited all CoMA members to take part in the event.

CoMA members have been invited to perform in Dark Sun and play percussion for Introit St John’s.

CoMA members will need to commit to the following:

All rehearsals and performances will take place at St John Smith Square. CoMA will be able to help with accommodation arrangements.

The event is free.

Please sign up here if you would like to take part.

Alternatively, you can join the audience and book tickets here.

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